This is the documentation of version 1.18. You may want the documentation of the stable version (2.0) or of the well tested 2.1 development snapshot or our homepage.


Makepp is a drop-in replacement for GNU make which has a number of features that allow for more reliable builds and simpler build files. It supports almost all of the syntax that GNU make supports, and can be used with makefiles produced by utilities such as automake. It is called makepp (or make++) because (1) it was designed for building C++ programs; (2) its relationship to make is supposed to be analogous to C++'s relationship to C. For backward compatibility, it will work with input files designed for make, but there are much better ways to do things.

Makepp currently runs only on unix (or on cygwin under windows NT). Some more work needs to be done to run native on windows.

This page is for the old version of makepp. A newer version is available on the makepp home page.

Due to an apparent network problem, some users have been unable to download from the main sourceforge download page. You can also pick up the latest version of makepp directly from here.

Makepp manual

Gary Holt
Last modified: 10 Jan 2002