This is the documentation of version 1.40.1. You may want the documentation of the stable version (2.0) or of the well tested 2.1 development snapshot or our homepage.

Makepp Compatibility

Compatibility list for makepp

The many Perl versions available and still installed on many machines come with various subtle bugs. We have tried to work around most of them, but a few remain. We have a test suite of around 60 tests, all of which usually pass. On some platforms lacking some features, notably cygwin, a few tests are explicitly skipped. This table shows with what version this has been tested where, and whether it was successful.

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5.005_03 5.6 5.8
.0 .1 .2 .0 .1 .2 .3 .4
GNU/Linux (x86) *)
GNU/Linux (alpha)
GNU/Linux (ia64) /
GNU/Linux (opteron) *)
FreeBSD (x86)
NetBSD (x86)
OpenBSD (x86)
Darwin (ppc)
Cygwin (x86)
HP-UX 11.0 *)
Solaris (sparc)
Reliant Unix (mips)
BS2000 Posix (S/390)

Daniel Pfeiffer
Last modified: 2005-05-22