This is the documentation of version 1.50. You may want the documentation of the stable version (2.0) or of the well tested 2.1 development snapshot or our homepage.

Makepp Index

All keywords, functions and operators in makepp

Where items occur multiply, the first usually pertains to makepp itself, whereas the following ones indicate it in parentheses.

?: $*, $+, $/, $<, $?, $@, $^, &, -, -?, -? (makeppbuiltin), -? (makeppclean), -? (makeppgraph), -? (makeppinfo), -? (makepplog), -? (makeppreplay), =, @, !=, &=, +=, :=, ;=, ?=

A: -A, -A (makeppbuiltin), -A (makeppclean), -A (makeppgraph), -A (makeppinfo), -A (makepplog), -A (makeppreplay), absolute_filename, absolute_filename_nolink, abspath, addprefix, addsuffix, and, AR, architecture_independent, ARFLAGS, --args-file, --args-file (makeppbuiltin), --args-file (makeppclean), --args-file (makeppgraph), --args-file (makeppinfo), --args-file (makepplog), --args-file (makeppreplay), --arguments-file, --arguments-file (makeppbuiltin), --arguments-file (makeppclean), --arguments-file (makeppgraph), --arguments-file (makeppinfo), --arguments-file (makepplog), --arguments-file (makeppreplay), AS, --assume-new, --assume-old, autoload, awk

B: -b, -b (makeppclean), -b (makeppgraph), basename, --because, --build-cache, :build_cache, build_cache, --build-cache-links, --build-check, :build_check, build_check, --build-check-method, --build-reasons

C: -C, -C (makepplog), -C (makeppreplay), -c, -c (makepplog), -c (makeppreplay), call, &cat, CC, c_compilation_md5, CFLAGS, changed_dependencies, changed_inputs, chgrp, &chmod, chown, clean, &cp, create, CURDIR, --current-working-directory, --current-working-directory-and-up, &cut, &cwd, CXX, CXXFLAGS

D: -D, -d, -d (makeppgraph), date, --defer-include, define, --dependencies, dependencies, dependency, &dir, dir, $DIRECTNAMEFLAGS, --directory, --directory (makeppreplay), dir_noslash, :dispatch, --do-build, --do-build (Sandboxes), --dont-build, --dont-build (Sandboxes), --dont-read, --dont-read (Sandboxes), --do-read, --do-read (Sandboxes), --dot, --down, --downwards, --dry-run, --dry-run (makeppreplay), --dump-makefile, --dump-makeppfile

E: -e, &echo, --empty-directories, :env, --environment-overrides, --env-overrides, error, exact_match, export, &expr

F: -F, -f, -f (makeppinfo), -f (makepplog), F77, false, FC, --file, filesubst, filter, filter_out, filter_out_dirs, --final-rules-only, findfile, find_first_upwards, find_program, findstring, find_upwards, first_available, firstword, fmt, --follow, --force, --force-copy-from-bc, --force-rescan, foreach, foreach (Variables)

G: -g, global, --graphviz, &grep, --gullible

H: -h, -h (makeppbuiltin), -h (makeppclean), -h (makeppgraph), -h (makeppinfo), -h (makepplog), -h (makeppreplay), head, --help, --help (makeppbuiltin), --help (makeppclean), --help (makeppgraph), --help (makeppinfo), --help (makepplog), --help (makeppreplay), &home, --html, --hybrid, --hybrid-recursion, --hybrid-recursive-make

I: -I, -I (makeppbuiltin), -I (makeppgraph), -I (makeppreplay), -i, -i (makepplog), if, ifdef, ifeq, ifmakeperl, ifndef, ifneq, ifnsys, ifntrue, ifperl, ifsys, iftrue, iftrue (Statements), ignore_action, ignore_error, --implicit-load-makeppfile-only, --include, --include (makeppbuiltin), --include (makeppgraph), --include (makeppreplay), :include, include, _include, --include-dir, --include-dir (makeppbuiltin), --include-dir (makeppgraph), --include-dir (makeppreplay), --includes, infer_linker, infer_objects, info, input, inputs, --in-sandbox, --in-sandbox (Sandboxes), --inside-sandbox, --inside-sandbox (Sandboxes), &install, --installation-directories, --install-dirs

J: -j, --jobs, join, --just-print, --just-print (makeppreplay)

K: -K, -k, -k (makeppclean), -k (makeppinfo), -k (makepplog), -k (makeppreplay), --keep-going, --keep-going (makeppreplay), --keep-src-info, --keylist, --keylist (makepplog), --keys, --keys (makepplog)

L: -l, -l (makeppgraph), -l (makepplog), :last_chance, --last-chance-rules, LD, --leave-src-info, LEX, LIBTOOL, &ln, --load-makefile, load_makefile, --load-makeppfile, --log, --log (makeppclean), --log (makeppgraph), --log (makepplog), --log-file, --log-file (makeppgraph), --log-file (makepplog)

M: -M, -M (makeppgraph), -M (makeppreplay), -m, -m (makeppclean), -m (makeppgraph), m4, MAKE, make, make (Statements), MAKECMDGOALS, --makefile, $MAKEFLAGS, MAKEFLAGS, MAKEINFO, makemap, makeperl, makeperl (Rules), makeperl (Statements), &makepp, --makepp, $MAKEPPBUILTINFLAGS, $MAKEPP_CASE_SENSITIVE_FILENAMES, $MAKEPPCLEANFLAGS, --makeppfile, $MAKEPPFLAGS, MAKEPPFLAGS, _MAKEPPFLAGS, $MAKEPPGRAPHFLAGS, $MAKEPPINFOFLAGS, MAKEPP_LN_CP, $MAKEPPLOGFLAGS, makepp_percent_subdirs, $MAKEPPREPLAYFLAGS, makepp_require_phony, makepp_simple_concatenation, MAKEPP_VERSION, makesub, map, md5, --md5-bc, --md5-check-bc, --merge, --meta, &mkdir, mktemp, --module, --module (makeppgraph), --module (makeppreplay), mppbcc, &mv

N: -n, -n (makepplog), -n (makeppreplay), --new-file, --no-builtin-rules, --no-cache-scaninfos, noecho, --no-implicit-load, no_implicit_load, --no-indent, --no-log, --no-path-executable-dependencies, --no-path-exe-dep, --no-populate-bc, --no-print-directory, --no-print-directory (makeppreplay), --no-remake-makefiles, notdir, --no-warn, --no-warn (makeppreplay)

O: -o, -o (makeppgraph), -o (makepplog), --old-file, only_action, --only-build-cache-links, only_generated, --only-logs, --only-meta, only_nontargets, only_phony_targets, --only-repository-links, only_stale, only_targets, or, origin, --out-of-sandbox, --out-of-sandbox (Sandboxes), --output, --output (makepplog), output, outputs

P: -p, -p (makepplog), :parser, patsubst, &perl, perl, perl (Rules), perl (Statements), perl_begin, phony, --plain, plain, --populate-bc-only, prebuild, prebuild (Statements), --prefix, &preprocess, print, &printf, --profile, PWD

Q: -q, --quiet, --quiet (makeppinfo)

R: -R, -R (makeppclean), -r, -r (makeppclean), -r (makeppgraph), realpath, --recon, --recon (makeppreplay), --recurse, --recursive, register_command_parser, register_input_suffix, register_parser, relative_filename, relative_to, --remove-stale, --remove-stale-files, --rename, --repository, repository, --repository-links, &rm, RM, rmdir, --rm-stale, ROOT, --root-dir, --root-dir (makeppreplay), --root-directory, --root-directory (makeppreplay), runtime

S: -s, -s (makeppgraph), --sandbox, --sandbox (Sandboxes), --sandbox-warn, --sandbox-warn (Sandboxes), --sandbox-warning, --sandbox-warning (Sandboxes), &sed, --separate-directions, shared_object, SHELL, shell, show, --showkey, --signature, :signature, signature, --signature-method, --silent, &sort, sort, sorted_dependencies, sorted_inputs, stats, stem, --stop, --stop-after-loading, --stop-on-race, --stop-race, strip, sub, subst, &suf, suffix, --symlink-in-rep-as-file, --symlink-in-repository-as-file

T: -t, -t (makeppinfo), -t (makepplog), -t (makeppreplay), --tabulate, tail, target, target_newer, targets, &template, --temporary, temporary, --text, &touch, tr, --traditional, --traditional-recursion, --traditional-recursive-make, --traverse

U: -u, -u (makepplog), &uninstall, &uniq, --uniq, --unique, --up, --upwards, &usr

V: -V, -V (makeppbuiltin), -V (makeppclean), -V (makeppgraph), -V (makeppinfo), -V (makepplog), -V (makeppreplay), -v, -v (makeppclean), --verbose, --verbose (makeppclean), --version, --version (makeppbuiltin), --version (makeppclean), --version (makeppgraph), --version (makeppinfo), --version (makepplog), --version (makeppreplay), --virtual-sandbox, --virtual-sandbox (Sandboxes), VPATH, vpath

W: -W, warning, --what-if, wildcard, word, wordlist, words

X: xargs

Y: YACC, &yes

Last modified: 2011-08-06